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The HYVE Crowd is a contest platform where creative minds generate and develop innovative ideas, concepts and solutions. The HYVE Crowd community is the center for an active exchange of ideas on the most exciting competitions from industry, service and design. Be a part of the HYVE Crowd now!

Real Benefits

On the HYVE Crowd your experience will grow, you can earn prizes and get a reward depending on your activity. Doesn't that sound fair?

New work

Decide for yourself which ideas and projects you want to participate in. The HYVE Crowd is the Gig Economy - and you can be a part of it.

Active cooperation

Be the crowd! Your skills grow with the support of other crowd members and a real active collaboration.


Realize yourself in the crowd and contribute as an individual or group to the success of many companies.


Meet new people, broaden your horizons with their feedback and connect to them on the crowd.


Evolve radical innovation, influence how companies think and work, and help to make the world a better place.


Take your innovation skillset to the next level and make yourself a name in one of the world's largest innovation communities.

User voices

I have been a passionate and active user of the HYVE Crowd for many years. Why do I get involved in the HYVE Crowd? Because the HYVE Crowd is my platform on which I can place creative ideas on different topics and exchange ideas with other users. For me this is relaxing and challenging at the same time! After each finished contest I'm looking forward to the next one.
Member since 2014
The Concept of Open Innovation was introduced to me via HYVE Crowd. Having participated in around 7-8 contests organized by HYVE, I can say for sure that they are one of the best ones in the business. Each competition is different from the previous ones and more importantly educational (for me atleast). The fact that literally anyone with an idea can compete and win to make a difference in the world is really astonishing, truly defines ' Open Innovation '.
Sumit Goski
Member since 2015
The HYVE Crowd platform has helped me to innovate for some of the biggest companies in the world & has helped me attain a lot of recognition & awards which eventually helped me shape my career in the field innovation. Hyve community consist of some of the most innovative people across the globe, we build on ideas of each other and give constructive feedback and help shape solutions to some of the biggest problems across various industries, I wish Hyve & community success with the new HYVE Crowd platform.
Member since 2014

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