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The HYVE Crowd is a crowdsourcing platform on which companies can generate, develop and test innovative ideas, concepts and solutions from creative minds. The HYVE Crowd community is the center for an active exchange of ideas on the most exciting engineering, service and design competitions. Global and with experience we solve the unsolvable.

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Through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, you can efficiently get more diverse contributions than you could ever get on your own.


Participants don’t know what your organization knows and provide you with fresh, external, and unbiased opinions and ideas.


The internationality of the community gives you many different perspectives on the same challenge.


The variety of contests on our platform activates people with interdisciplinary backgrounds for creative results.

Our Products

The increased demands of digitization and industry 4.0 call for special methods for agile companies and those who want to become such - in all industries and sectors. Whether ideas, testing, feedback, concept solutions or an open discussion, our various products meet the requirements of the new working world.


The idea generation and concept creation are perfect methods for the crowd. A large number of ideas and innovations are solved by experts with diverse know-how. Products: Ideation (out-of-the-box), Idea Brainstorming.


Verification and validation are essential in an agile world. Whether testing between two sprints or explicit product evaluation, the methods are manifold. Products: Overnight Feedback, Product Feedback, Topic Framing.


In addition to products and concepts, the crowd can be used to generate reach, increase recognition and find suitable candidates or employees. Products: HR recruiting, marketing buzz, social crowd engagement.


Complexity is often the show stopper in projects. The solution lies in the "Wisdom of the Crowd" and the empirical values of the swarm, which shows new ways through different approaches. Products: Business Model Disruption, Engineering Solutions, Computational/Data Challenges.


The Crowd is a suitable source of input for product and industrial design. Many well-known and complex projects have been implemented with help of the HYVE Crowd's global experts. Product: Industrial Design.


"Working with HYVE helped us to get an outside perspective and engage the crowd, and to drive innovation and the transformation with high speed forward."
Dr. Alev Kirazli
Project Manager for Autonomous Transport & Open Innovation | Digitalization | Industry 4.0, Volkswagen AG
Volkswagen corporation was looking for new concepts for a car body with less joint complexity which can be mass produced. How could such a body look like? Which new joining methods can be used? How can classic joining methods be reduced? These questions were profoundly answered by the community.
"It is great to see a community partnering with us to solve problems of the future mobility. It is always great to see how well the community of HYVE understands our customers’ needs and their mobility use cases."
Dr. Matthias Meyer
Founder and Head of BMW Startup Garage
The aim of the contest was to improve the luggage compartment of BMW cars. The contest existed out of three categories: variability, restraint system and coverage of the luggage compartment. It was possible to develop a feasible solution within each of the categories.
"I was very positively surprised, firstly by the number of submissions that we got but also by the creativity and quality of the submissions. So the results through HYVE Crowd have been excellent for us.
Josef Doppelbauer
Vice President Project Management & CTO, Bombardier Transportation
The contest was about the creation of new and innovative interior designs for trains. Questions like how a modern train interior should look like and what kind of innovative features should be integrated needed to be solved. Thereby it was irrelevant if participants have great experience in interior design or not, the contest was addressed to professionals, students, hobby designers and everyone who was interested into the topic.
"Innovations are indispensable for agricultural engineering companies and hence an essential part for the sustainable success of the company. HYVE helped us effectively generate and structure them."
Klaus Pöttinger
Geschäfts­führender Gesellschafter der Alois Pöttinger Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
Pöttinger was looking for solutions for a technical problem: the optimization of the alignment of the balde of grass, to improve the cut in the loading wagons and silage trailers. The aim of the contest was a better alignment in the cutting of the crop. This resulted in significant advantage for the complete following process. Machine Engineers, farmers, designers, hobby workman and creative and interested people were invited to join the contest.
"I firmly believe that smart consumers are the most important but also the most underestimated innovation drivers. Thus, customer-oriented companies are well advised to listen very carefully to their clients. The HYVE Crowd supported us perfectly to do so."
Dr. Lothar Müller
Vice President Sales Development, Telekom Deutschland GmbH
The main objective of this contest was to create ideas and concepts for future uses of M2M which help find and follow nearly every imaginable object or entity on earth. The challenge was to think about different potential application areas and solutions in the area of tracking a variety of objects or entities.
"I didn’t know what to expect from the contest, as I had never done anything like this before - it was a completely new experience for me. To be honest, I was surprised about the number of people who have joined the contest. It was a great learning that a contest is such a powerful tool."
Michael Becker
Head of Global Packaging Engineering, Henkel AG
Henkel, the world's largest adhesive manufacturer, has for the first time called for a competition for packaging design. At the Adhesives Packaging Design Contest, all creative minds are asked to submit innovative designs for adhesive packaging.
"Contests really do give a company a chance to get some really interesting perspectives. HYVE Crowd has generated some interesting ideas. Some of them are really out of the box and really wild while some of them are not so wild. A lot of them are very, very good."
Erik Feder
Air Cargo Innovation Challenge Project Manager
The Air Cargo Innovation Challenge seeked new and creative ideas about how customer-service should be set up and should function in the coming years. The contest especially focused on customer Touchpoints, where customers and the customer-service department come into contact; Apps & all means of new technology communication as well as customer loyalty programs. Moreover HYVE established an area called the “Blank Room”, where contestants were invited to submit their most exciting and out-of-the-box ideas which do not fit into the other three categories.